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Marketing Week Live on 7-8 March at Olympia West in London was the busy scene for the national launch of the new vue tv range from Print Data Solutions.

Vue tv incorporates a thin, high definition video screen into a premium-printed brochure or business card and can be personalised for precision targeting. The product is the latest addition to the portfolio of the Wellingborough-based company which has 20 years’ experience of print management, design and merchandise.

“Visitors were especially impressed with the way vue tv brings together cutting-edge technology with tried and tested marketing tools like direct mail.”

Scott Rendall, commercial director at Print Data Solutions said, “Exhibiting at Marketing Week Live was an incredible experience for us and it was fantastic to be able to speak face to face to so many people from the industry. It was fascinating for us to hear so many different ideas from them about how they would use a vue tv product.”

Scott said, “Many of the people we spoke to hadn’t seen video in print before and were very excited about it. They felt that the option to add personalisation added even more interesting possibilities for their businesses. They were reassured by the price point and the fact that several of our product options have no minimum order quantity.”

“Visitors were especially impressed with the way vue tv brings together cutting-edge technology with tried and tested marketing tools like direct mail.”

The merging of technology with traditional tools was the theme of keynote speaker, award-winning columnist and marketing professor, Mark Ritson. He was critical of marketers who makewhat he sees as a false distinction between digital and traditional marketing platforms.

In Ritson’s view, marketing has continuously evolved to encapsulate modern technologies, and every addition to the marketers’ toolbox has added richness without sounding the death knell of what came before. In his exhibition speech, he cited the advent of VHS video recorders in the 1980s which were popularly supposed to herald the ‘death of cinema’. In fact, statistics proved that, after a brief period of decline, cinema recovered and now continues to grow. Video simply served to grow the market for film.

Scott picks up the theme, saying, “Ever since broadcasting was invented one hundred years ago, media has grown and evolved over successive generations. Marketing has changed beyond recognition and now we find ourselves in the age of advanced digital technologies. But far from killing off traditional forms of media, they only serve to complement the range of communication tools available.”

“A product like vue tv uses digital technology both to bring video to life on a small HD screen, and to add personalisation with specialised ink printing. It can also be combined with traditional direct mail for precision targeting.”

“I agree with Mark Ritson that we should stop thinking in terms of digital versus traditional and start reviewing the options for communications tactics holistically. Good marketers adopt a ‘media-neutral’ approach and give their best response to a brief by recommending the best tactics to serve the strategy and meet the objectives.”

“Just because technology is new doesn’t always make its use the best, or only, choice.”

The team from Print Data Solutions met hundreds of visitors on the stand at Marketing Week Live including some local businesses, Nimlok from Wellingborough and Northampton-based Gnu Films, for whom they had created a digital representation of what a vue tv product could look like for them.

“We launched a competition at the show to win an Apple watch and a variety of vue tv samples. We were fascinated by the suggestions people made for how they would use vue tv. One visitor told us they would incorporate virtual tours of premium housing properties using a 360° touch screen. Another said that he would include vue tv as part of a presentation box to showcase his high-end water product, which contains gold leaves, to retailers. And a leading charity would use vue tv to demonstrate its use of funds as part of a thank you to high value donors.”

Other suggestions came from videographers who could see how vue tv would help them to add value to wedding videos, and from businesses looking for an innovative way to communicate their annual report through lively infographics. It was also suggested that vue tv could be used to communicate effectively about health and safety. All of the suggestions incorporated the use of personalisation.

Following their success at Marketing Week Live, Print Data Solutions went on to exhibit at the B2B Marketing Expo at Excel London last month and are planning to attend the Festival of Marketing later in the year.

Print Data Solutions offers a full range of services, including specialised packaging, complimentary merchandise, and bespoke fulfilment and delivery, so it can manage your vue tv project from concept to completion.

At vue tv, we can advise you on the right type of video and show you how to combine it with print and personalise it for your target customer. Contact us on 01933 672150 and speak to a member of the vue tv team.

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