Spell it out: Ten creative ways to use video

There is no doubt that using video to promote your products and benefits is growing in importance as a communications tool. Here we look at two more creative ways to bring your brand to life with the moving image.

Spell it out

If you’re selling a complex service or a new idea, an explainer video could be perfect to help you to demonstrate how it works. Amazon Go used this video to outline its ‘just walk out’ shopping technology in the US. You can also achieve this through simple graphics or by filming an expert from within the team. Choose a good communicator with an engaging personality and enthusiasm for the topic who can talk naturally without a script to make the strongest impact. Using a combination of words and moving images enables you to show your product or service in action, or to uncover and emphasise the benefits.

In the picture

Your satisfied customers are the best ambassadors for your brand. Ask a customer who really understands your business and film them talking about what’s good about the service you provide for them. In this video, logistics company Downton talks about its relationship with DAF which supplies trucks to keep their business on the road. Genuine recommendations, freely given, will make interesting viewing and get your point across more effectively. Try a selection of vox pops with a range of customers and blend these into a single showcase to demonstrate the breadth of your experience.

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