Personalisation makes an impression

In our series on reasons why video works well with direct mail, we focus on the impact of personalisation and the power of video in direct mail.

Reason 5: Personalisation makes an impression

Royal Mail’s study of the impact of direct mail also highlights that our brains are more likely to remember something that feels personally relevant to us. Personalisation always adds value and is increasing in popularity as it becomes easier to deliver, primarily because it is proven to make an impact and holds great appeal. Simply adding individual names creates a bespoke one-off item which is far more likely to be retained. Think how much more appealing this would be if the content is also personalised, especially if this was achieved through the medium of video.

Personalisation is rapidly becoming a standard expectation particularly online where behavioural profiling meets in-session data showing how targets interact with brands in the digital space. However, as Ve Global CEO, David Marrinan-Hayes points out, personalisation without relevance can diminish its potency. Content must always be relevant to avoid sounding a false note.

The increasing demand for relevance is easily fixed with direct mail. You have carefully crafted your database from targets that have interacted with your brand through a variety of means. You know what stage they are at within the sales funnel at any given time. One way to make an impact on the client journey is to ensure that you present your target customer with content that not only delights them with personalisation but also meets a need, acknowledged or otherwise. Incorporating video into personalised direct mail maximises both the tried and tested medium of postal communications with the latest in digital technology.

Reason 6: Video in print takes you there in person

Sales teams cannot be everywhere at once and we all know that securing a meeting can be tricky. Bypass the gatekeeper with a video brochure and you can get your CEO in front of a prime prospect presenting your key messages straight from the horse’s mouth. This is a great way to follow up on a contact you might have met at a conference or exhibition, providing a platform for you to personally communicate your products or services in more detail.

A personalised approached like this is almost as good as a visit in person but requires far less sacrifice on the part of your top people or, more importantly, your customers. With a three-minute video in the medium of print, you enable prospects to digest information in their own time, and recap at will with a repeat viewing. The fact that you have made an impressive and unique item especially for them is sure to appeal, encouraging them to be more well-disposed towards your organisation.

Because your prospects are more likely to feel special as a result of receiving a personalised item, they are also more likely to keep it. The inclination to retain personalised items provides impact with greater longevity because recipients are more likely to return to its content, and your brand, at the point closer to the purchasing decision.

Organisations are increasingly turning to video brochures as a means of making personal invitations to events and product launches, to enhance gift presentations, and to provide a record of presentations and pitches.

Video brochures can be produced cost effectively in very small print runs of just one or two if required so you can be highly selective and choose exactly the right contacts. This way, you can test its efficacy with a limited number of targets and roll it out once you have a better understanding of what works.

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