Off the page – how print adds a new dimension to the vibrancy of video

The development of video in print has created a new platform for high-quality promotional videos that represents a highly-targeted alternative to TV and cinema. What’s more, you can sidestep the pitfalls of online video interruption and distraction, by delivering your message directly into the hand of your customer with video in print.

In this series of blogs we’ll be looking at “Why video is vital to your communications strategy”. We have also prepared a guide which is available at the link below:

Developments in technology over successive years have enabled the production of video brochures, video booklets and digital business cards. Competitive pricing means that embedding high-quality screens into printed items has become much more affordable. This medium has seen significant organic growth over the last few years and its use is starting to grow within the marketing community.

Your video could appear in a printed brochure that incorporates a micro-thin IPS screen, PCB boards, speakers and re-chargeable batteries using a built-in USB connection that also allows for change of video content. Video brochures can be produced in a range of sizes and are portable and pleasantly tactile, with options including a hardback cover with soft touch matt laminate finish. One of the most interesting features of video in print is the ability to personalise individual items, enabling high-end one-to-one marketing.

Video brochures can be fully branded and individually personalised through variable data printing with a named contact, image, or unique tracking code. You can highlight a name using coloured foils or spot UV varnish for added impact. Personalisation is proven to increase open rates, with 74% of marketers saying that personalisation increases engagement and boosts return on investment.

Video can appear in a range of printed applications including digital business cards, point of sale, packaging and direct mail. You might want to put together a special reward for your clients or devise a clever invitation to an exclusive event. In fact, this technology is so flexible, video screens can be built into items of any material, shape or format. It is now even possible to have your video incorporated within a gift box that lights up when opened, or into an acrylic LED light cube or even a free-standing point-of-sale display activated by motion sensors.

Lead times can be as low as five days or you can make an order to be held in stock and request it to be printed on demand and posted out as required. Production does not rely on you having a video ready to go. A good video-in-print company will have access to resources to help you develop the right creative to give you optimum impact.

With so many options to consider, we hope this food for thought will enable you to maximise your use of video as a vital underpinning aspect of your marketing strategy.

In this series of blogs we’ll be looking at “Why video is vital to your communications strategy”. We have also prepared a guide which is available at the link below:

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