Make your point: Ten creative ways to use video

Options to build video into printed applications are increasing all the time. Your campaigns could benefit from a dynamic use of video in point of sale or as part of a client incentive. Read on for two more tips on bringing your brand to life on screen.

Make your point

Video also works well outside the digital environment. The retail space can be very crowded with increasingly ingenious methods being used to attract customers’ attention in store. Incorporating your video into point of sale materials does not need to cost the earth and can be a highly effective way to catch the eye and draw the footfall. Point of sale materials have become highly sophisticated and you can programme display stands to detect movement and start to play as customers approach. Video can be built into stands, display units, shelf units, leaflet holders and dispensers, poster holders and A boards.

Accept your reward

We all know that it costs five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. But evidence shows that two fifths of companies spend time focusing on customer acquisition while only half that proportion devote themselves to retaining their existing customers. Video can add a special touch to incentives, rewards, invitations and thank you messages. A skilled creative agency can design a gift box that lights up when it is opened, containing a video that starts to play spontaneously. The box or outer sleeve could be personalised for your individual customer making it more likely to be retained.

Read our guide for more creative ways to use video as part of your brand campaign:

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