Keep it in the family: Ten creative ways to use video

The use of video to promote your brand message can be adapted for a range of audiences and channels. We’ve explored how you could use video to talk to your staff or try your hand at a live broadcast in the next in our series on creative uses of video.

Keep it in the family

Bring your company’s internal newsletter to life by recording verbal updates from colleagues or progress review from the MD or CEO. It can be difficult to encourage staff to read a wordy briefing and teams are often located over more than one site or location. Whether you have an announcement, a new product, a status report, or some major news, video could work well to engage your internal audience. St George’s Hospital in London produced this film to welcome new employees. Video also works well for training purposes, to deliver health and safety messages or introduce a new system with explanatory graphics. Turn it around and film reactions and views from colleagues or collect feedback by video to share with others around the business.

Live and kicking

Create a buzz and line-up a live broadcast via your social media feeds. Facebook Live or Twitter Live are good places to start and represent a great opportunity to showcase an event, exhibition or announcement. Be careful about sound and lighting but don’t worry too much about the production values as an element of raw authenticity helps get your message across. Choose your broadcast time carefully to maximise engagement with the right target audience. And you can always record your broadcast and upload it to your social feeds or website later.

For more creative uses of video, you can read our guide here:

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