Our process to building a video brochure

Everyone is talking about using video but what type of content works in this format, and how do you decide on the best content for your brand?

In this article, I explore different types of video and their purposes in helping you to get your key message across.

“If your brand incorporates an element of fun, using humour in videos can help with the viral reach of your video.”

Music to my ears – Emotional power and entertainment value

Music television began in earnest in 1981 when US video channel first aired, with ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ by The Buggles as its inaugural broadcast. Over the ensuing 30 plus years, the power of music video has grown exponentially with major recording artists harnessing the power of combining music with the moving image. In its iconic TV ad for its Polo, Volkswagen combined humour with a powerful track by the Spencer Davis Group to generate a memorable visual representation of its brand aspirations.

Sketch out your ideas – Using cartoons and animation

You don’t need live action to create a compelling video. The use of infographics, cartoons and animations can bring messages to life in a simple but effective way. Spotify launched with an animated explainer using music to capture the essence of its brand. Ask a creative studio to design original artwork for you, or you can use a range of tools to create your own moving graphics, depending on your budget.

Laugh a minute – The role of humour and comedy

Humour is highly subjective and should be used with caution. Big brands with well-established values can push the boundaries as with this classic example from Budweiser. If your brand incorporates an element of fun, using humour in videos can help with the viral reach of your video. But this is an area to pursue with caution, bearing in mind the sensitivities that misplaced humour can cause.

Live and kicking – Be your own broadcaster

We are getting used to being publishers, posting blogs and social media updates online. Vloggers have shown us that everyone can be a broadcaster now too with a minimal investment in technology. There are multiple platforms for broadcasting live video including Twitter Live, Facebook Live and Instagram Live plus live channels such as Bambuser, Livestream and Twitch.

From the horse’s mouth – Bringing case studies to life

The best people to communicate about the benefits of your products and services are your own customers. Satisfied customers will always be happy to talk about their experiences. A recommendation has more resonance than what you say about your own brand. Case studies and testimonials on video serve a triple purpose; they explain what you’re good at; they provide evidence of your experience; and they cement the bond between you and the subject of the case study. After all, in singling them out, you have created a link between your brands that can be nurtured in the future. See how this endorsement of Experian by Virgin Money adds value to both brands.

At vue tv, we can advise you on the right type of video and show you how to combine it with print and personalise it for your target customer. Contact us on 01933 672150 and speak to a member of the vue tv team.

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