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Video content is becoming more popular than ever.

Research shows that video content is becoming more popular than ever with 54% of consumers claiming that they would be happy to receive video from brands they support.

“Explainer videos can be used very effectively using graphics and voiceovers to introduce new ideas using step by step instructions.”

It is time to start thinking about ways of building video into every channel and platform where your brand is showcased from social media to email, and from programmatic advertising to print. Video can be incorporated in Twitter posts, embedded in your website, added as a module in HTML email, and even built in to a video brochure.

Everyone is talking about using video but what type of content works in this format, and how do you decide on the best content for your brand? In this article, I explore different types of video and their purposes in helping you to get your key message across.

Raw and uncut – The quest for authenticity

The quality of video recording equipment continues to improve and even smartphones have the capability to record high quality 4K images. Everyone has a camera which makes it easy to capture real-time experiences. Authenticity can be reflected in informal recordings that show your brand in a more relaxed mode, speaking to your customers or targets directly. McDonalds used this approach to lift the lid on the ingredients contained in its burgers behind the scenes at a photoshoot.

This type of video can be very helpful in creating compelling content and generating engagement. But bear in mind that there is no such thing as ‘off the record’. Even if you produce a video that shows your brand having fun, the message should always match your tone of voice to avoid flippancy.

Slick and polished – An aspirational showcase

Despite its origins on television, we tend to associate video with online media in the 21st century. In fact, the first videos with major impact were generated by TV advertising with big-budget brands like Guinness having successfully led the field for decades. The core for this type of advertising was aspiration. The content created an atmosphere, a feeling, an emotion and an ambition. It showcased a lifestyle. As technology has progressed, it has become easier for any brand, no matter what its budget, to create content that showcases its values. Be bold and imaginative and use your video to depict the lifestyle that your brand represents.

Talking heads – The power of the spoken word

Videos are not all about images – they also allow you to embrace the power of sound. We’ll touch on music later but hearing someone talking about your brand could be the quickest and most impactful way to get your message across. Find an ambassador like the Prince’s Trust when they called on David Haye, or simply interview your founder or CEO. Identify a good communicator who can translate their passion for your business on the small screen. Edit out the questions for a more spontaneous effect and dynamic pace.

Show and tell – Unwrap your product or service

Video does not need a narrative thread to engage your customers. You can use it to focus on your product, to show it in close-up detail, and to demonstrate how it works. This could be accompanied by a voiceover or music, or may show a sequence of actions that make using the product self-explanatory. Without speech, it becomes more accessible across international boundaries.

Apple produced a product video to highlight the new technical features of its iPhone X and made sure that the production values of the video dovetailed with its passion for usable simplicity and high quality.

Teach me a lesson – What else is new?

Explainer videos can be used very effectively using graphics and voiceovers to introduce new ideas using step by step instructions.

In this example from social media scheduling platform Hootsuite, value is added by helping customers to understand something new, showing them how to use Facebook Live. These can be relatively low budget productions and can help perceptions of your brand as being helpful and supportive, solving problems that you might encounter.

To be continued………keep an eye out for part two of our blog for more thought on video content.

At vue tv, we can advise you on the right type of video and show you how to combine it with print and personalise it for your target customer. Contact us on 01933 672150 and speak to a member of the vue tv team.

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