The moving image is set to continue to dominate communications, online, on social media, and even out of home or in print. Already, 87% of marketers claim to be using video marketing. Below are the first in our series of ten creative ways of using video to showcase your brand.

Behind the scenes

Revealing all about the inner workings of your product or service can be an appealing way of reassuring your customers that they are dealing with a skilled and reputable organisation that is not afraid of transparency. Increasingly, authenticity in business is becoming a hygiene factor and people expect to be able to trust your promises on quality, value and sustainability. In this clip, you can see the process of how 40 billion LEGO® bricks are made each year. If there is any aspect of your business that is controversial, you could use video to unveil the truth behind the myths and make a stand to enhance your credibility. This approach could also create general interest as people enjoy seeing how things work and like gaining an insight into different industries.

Glam it up

Show off your greatest skills and achievements and invest in encapsulating your brand’s core essence using a slick and professional showcase video like this one from Jaguar Land Rover celebrating British design and manufacturing. A stunning film need not break the bank as the cost of production has fallen in recent years and new editing techniques have made the process much easier. The level of spend will depend on the size of your business, your budget and your objectives and having a showreel or promotional video can help to enhance your reputation and impress prospective customers.

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