In saturated markets, the business that stands out is the one that wins. When 80 percent of sales occur after the 5th followup, it’s important to have unique tactics for lead generation. Video-in-print is a way to target a specific audience and is guaranteed to pique their interests.

In this article, you’ll discover 5 features your video brochure must have to be successful.

What is a Video Brochure?

Video-in-print is a unique marketing tactic that displays your products and projects in an interesting way. A card or box is printed with your advertising materials. When your recipient opens the card, a video begins to play on a small LCD screen.

Use video brochures to:

  • Engage with C-level executives
  • Demonstrate new projects or products
  • Present product tutorials
  • As training materials for staff

Video brochures allow you to include more content in your advertising without overwhelming the recipient.

Effective Video Marketing and Return on Investment

Businesses that adapt to changing customer behaviour have longevity and strong brand recognition. Video is growing as a staple for online marketing. Savvy businesspeople are always concerned with the ROI of their marketing efforts.

Below are a few ways that video brochures offer a high return on investment.

Direct Mail

Video brochures are a type of direct mail or print marketing. In the digital age, direct mail has been pushed to the mental domain of spam. However, studies show that print or direct mail has a 13 to 1 ROI over other methods. Customers feel that direct mail is more personal and are more likely to visit your website after receiving mail.

Video brochures are great when you know your target and what they’re looking for.

Video Marketing

Marketers who use video have seen revenue growth rates of up to 49 percent. One possible reason is that customers prefer to engage with video over long blocks of text. Video included in landing pages, social marketing, and other platforms generate more leads over those that don’t.

Because it hits on more senses, quality video connects with audiences in a way that other forms of advertising can’t.


Material personalized to a customer has a higher return. For example, personalized calls-to-action convert 202 percent more than basic ones. Personalization influences trust in your brand and encourages brand loyalty. Executives that use personalization as a strategy see a boost in customer transactions, revenue, and customer value.

Video brochures allow you to personalize your advertizing to your prospective clients while piquing curiosity.

5 Features of an Effective Video Brochure

As with any marketing tactic, it can fall flat if you don’t implement a good strategy.

Here are five features your video brochure needs to be successful:

1. Short to-the-point Content

Keep videos short. Videos longer than 30-45 seconds are just asking to be put down, though this may vary by industry. If you are using a multi-video template, state what you do in the first video. This is an overview of your company.

Next, you want to give an overview of why you do what you do. This is where you highlight the solution your work offers the recipient. Show this by including testimonials and provable results. Testimonials provide social proof in a culture that respects word-of-mouth. For marketing teams or C-level execs, you want to show how your project or products will offer the return they are looking for.

Lastly, and most importantly, include a call-to-action. An effective CTA is clear and concise. It compels the viewer to act and tells them exactly how.

2. High-Quality Hardware

Video brochure units can hold anywhere from 15 minutes to 8 hours of content. That’s between 128 MB to 4GB worth of video. They include rechargeable batteries with a 2-hr continuous-play life. Many come with a rechargeable battery and an AC adapter option.

Choose a screen that is high-definition to best display your content. Some brochures come with the ability to do multiple videos.

3. The Size Fits Your Video Type

The size brochure you choose should fit your video type and recipient. Screens vary in size and resolution. Sizes are typically 2 to 10 inches. Videos that are text-heavy may benefit from larger sizes.

The size you choose is just one aspect of the overall aesthetics of the design. While it may not directly affect ROI, a video that is hard to see won’t have the desired effect on your audience.

4. High-Resolution Designs

Design your brochure with high-resolution images of 300 dpi. Include your logo and company name. Some video brochures allow you to include informational packages or booklets to accompany the video. Keep your design simple and uncluttered to let the video speak for itself.

Choose your design with your target audience in mind. Advertising materials with images and flourishes that don’t fit the industry could serve to be more distracting than helpful. On the back of your brochure include only your name and contact information.

5. Customization for a Targeted Audience

Effective video brochures aren’t random pieces of advertising material you ‘spray and pray’. Compile a list of targeted prospects and customize your content to fit that audience. This rule holds for sales prospects and internal members of your organization. The material you choose to present should be a solution to your audience’s needs.

Using Video-in-Print for Your Business

‘Only the strong survive’ is true in nature and in business. Those that can adapt to the industry or environment around them have long-term success. In a digital world, print media and direct mail still have a place. In order for it to be effective, however, make it personalized and valuable to the recipient.

When you use video in your print media, you show your ability to adapt to industry changes. Videos that are successful are highly targeted, uniquely designed, and includes to-the-point content that offers a solution to a problem.

Choose a company that can help you with every step of the process. Skip the production minimums and get started with an industry leader in video brochures today.

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