5 Ways Custom Video Brochures Make Your Business Stand Out

Looking for a fresh and exciting way to stand out to potential customers? Check out 5 ways a custom video brochure can grab the attention your business needs.

Being a company in today’s corporate world requires you to think outside of the box to gain a competitive advantage.

There are thousands of different ways to market your products, but most of them are common practice in your marketplace.

If you’re looking for a different way to promote your business, investing in video brochures is the way to go. They offer so many benefits to your company at a much lower investment than other marketing tactics.

Here are the several advantages your company will gain access to when it creates video brochures to push out its products. Consider all of the reasons below.

1. They’re Customisable

Customisation is a must-have among the marketing items that you put into practice in today’s market.

So many companies place a premium on differentiating their campaigns that, if you don’t do the same, it will almost seem as if the video brochures don’t match your brand.

Your new brochures can be made to match any ideas that you might have on how they should be laid out. This means you can integrate all of the colours, logos, and content that your company wants.

Whatever video that you create for your customers will be laid out on a perfectly-sized screen that ranges from 5 to 7 inches. There’s possibly no better way to add a professional look to your brand than through organized and structured video brochures.

2. They Provide Options

So, you’ve decided that you and your company want to invest in video brochures for your brand… that’s great! But there are still so many options to choose from.

You could go with an ultimate video brochure package that features a bifold booklet, up to 50 units being made at once, and a 5-inch and 7-inch screen.

Looking for something a bit smaller and lighter? Then your company might want to consider the lite video brochure package with a 4-inch screen and a compact body size.

They’re tremendous options for things such as sales events, seminars, career days, and so much more.

As opposed to other marketing options where you’re limited to the one size or package that they offer, video brochures provide size and value for your every need.

3. They Add an Innovative Touch to Your Brand

Customers these days only want to work with the companies that put their best foot forward on innovative thinking.

Even if you have the most innovative products in your industry, it can be hard to reflect that on your marketing endeavours. Using video brochures will give your company that innovative touch you’re looking for.

While video brochures are becoming more mainstream, there are still several customers out there that haven’t seen them before. That gives them the impression that your company uses the latest and greatest technology.

Everyone knows the importance of offline marketing tactics, even in today’s high-tech world.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to the same old printed collateral to impress your customers. You won’t stand out that way. Get your company video brochures to market your high-quality products, top of the line customer service, etc.

4. They’re Entirely Reusable

Perhaps you purchase the video brochures, but then a few months down the line your company decides to make a big change to its business model.

Now the info on the video brochure that you have isn’t entirely accurate. Because of that, you can’t push them out to customers, but you also don’t want to throw away a hefty investment, so what do you do?

Fortunately, video brochures are completely reusable. In a scenario like the one mentioned above, you can easily switch out the content that’s on the video.

As your business grows, it’s going to change up some things to better itself. If you invest in a lot of printed collateral before those changes, you’re more than likely stuck eating the cost.

Video brochures give you flexibility in those instances. They can grow and adjust with your company to ensure your customers are getting the correct message every single time.

5. They’re Perfect Target Marketing Tools

If you’ve zeroed in on who’s going to be the perfect customer for your business, then all you have to do is figure out the right way to market your product(s).

Remember, first impressions play a huge role in whether that prospect will one day purchase your services. You need a marketing piece that’s going to a) impress them enough to build brand recall and b) describe your products to them.

Considering you need to knock it out of the park with both of those aspects, it’s no question that video brochures are the way to go.

The high-quality print will make a tremendous first impression on them that your brand is professional, organized and (most importantly) successful.

The video will allow you to draw in their interest and provide a clear call to actions for the next steps they should take.

They’ll admire all of the hard work that went into the video brochure that they’ll listen to the video in its entirety and hold onto the collateral for a later date.

Invest in Video Brochures for Your Brand Today!

Now that you’ve seen all the different ways that video brochures can improve your company’s marketing efforts, it’s time to make an investment today! You’ll be opening the gateway to higher conversions simultaneously.

Be sure to read this in-depth article on how personalisation makes an impression. You will gain more knowledge of how customization can be a game-changer for your brand.

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