3rd April

Start the engine: Ten creative ways to use video

Start the engine: Ten creative ways to use video

Are you bringing your own website to life using video? As well as catching the eye, video could provide a platform for your best communicators to get their message across. See below the last in our series of ten creative ways to use video.

Start the engine

Whether you publish your videos on social media sites, on YouTube or Vimeo, or send them out within tangible items, don’t forget to re-purpose them for your best brand platform: your own website. Video can help to maximise search engine optimisation provided you take care over titles for image and meta descriptions so that spiders and robots understand what they have found. Moving images on your website are always engaging and more likely to attract web browsers. See how Bear Grylls adds movement to his website to encapsulate the essence of his travels. Decide whether to host your own video or embed it via a third-party site. Hosting your own content deters customers from straying away from your site, while embedding reduces enables you to broadcast large files with ease.

One to one

We have already looked at ways in which video can be embedded in physical print products. You can also combine the written word with moving images and include films within customer emails and newsletters. Alternatively, try using video to completely replace a wordy update, always remembering to film a good communicator. Watch Steve Jobs talking about the launch of the iPhone at MacWorld in 2007. If you’re filming your own MD, provide them with some media training so that they know how to work with the camera to best effect. Videos like these do not need to be long or formal, and can be filmed in the office or factory, or out on location.

You can see the whole set of ‘ten creative ways to use video’ here:

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